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The Lebanese cuisine is a cuisine of the sun and a cuisine from the heart which reflects Lebanese love for food and the generosity.

The Lebanese is a rich mix of fresh ingredients and seasoning such olive oil, herbs, spices, vegetables in addition to dairy products, cereals, fishes and meats.

Starter Dishes are a selection of small tasty dishes such as Hommus, Aubergines, Tabbouleh, etc..

Main courses range from a wide variety of Fish and meats usually prepared on the charcoal grill.Although simple fresh fruits are served at the end of the meal, there are also deserts such as baklava and more to accompany mint tea and Lebanese coffee.

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Although simple fresh fruits are often served towards the end of a Lebanese meal, there is also dessert, such as baklava and coffee. Although baklava is the most internationally known dessert, there is a great variety of Lebanese desserts.